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(Q) – How can I get a copy of the Autoblog logo, award logo or other content?

(A) –  All uses of awards graphics, logos, accolades and other content from Autoblog must be approved prior to use.

There is a license that accompanies the use of copyrighted and trademarked Autoblog content and fees which vary based on your intended use(s). Please submit requests to our licensing partner PARS International HERE. You will also find additional products and services available to help you promote your award or favorable coverage throughout the pages of this site.

(Q) – Can I pull out a sentence or a couple of words from a review to use in advertising or marketing?

(A) –  Yes, however your intended use must be reviewed and approved. Please submit your request via our online request form.

(Q) – What are article reprints?

(A) –  Article reprints are high-quality, customized reproductions of editorial coverage featuring your company, product or industry. You can design reprints to prominently feature the coverage, which is of the greatest value to you, and even add your own corporate or promotional materials to it.

Reprints align your company with the highly recognized Autoblog brand offering a valuable third-party endorsement that can be used on your website, as a sales tool, at trade shows, in direct mail, social marketing and much more. Request more information by filling out our online request form.

(Q) – What is an E-Print?

(A) –  E-Prints let you link seamlessly to coverage featuring you, your company, product or service from your Website, email or favorite social media site. PARS will create an electronic reprint of the article and provide you with a link to the content hosted on a secure server. Many options are available to suite your needs. Request more information by filling out our online request form.

(Q) – Can’t I just print out the article or review and make a couple of photocopies?

(A) –  Photocopies can be permissible when used in accordance with Autoblog guidelines and applicable copyright and trademark restrictions. A PARS consultant can determine whether your intended use requires licensing or publisher permission and, if so, can secure it for you. Contact us for more information.

(Q) – Is there a minimum quantity to order reprints or other products?

(A) –  Minimum quantities for reprints and other products vary and may depend on the length of the article or the number pages. In general the minimum order for custom reprints is 250 though lower quantities may be available. Posters, plaques and framed prints are typically available in single quantities with volume discounts that may apply to larger orders. Awards and other merchandise may be subject to minimums as well – please contact a PARS representative or submit your request online.

(Q) – What if I don’t need the whole article?

(A) –  Sometimes your company or product is featured as part of a multi-page article or industry round-up and you only want to reuse a paragraph or two. Maybe just a great quote or the Autoblog logo. Use of the logo, or more than a line or two of copy, is often not permitted without the consent of the publisher and adherence to specific guidelines. PARS can advise and obtain rights and permissions for you, often within 24 hours while high-impact coverage is still timely. To make a request, please fill out our online request form.

(Q) – How can I get a quote?

(A) –  Either by calling us at (212) 221-9595 or by filling out our online request form. If you haven’t ordered reprints before, talking with one of our consultants may be very helpful in determining the right mix of products, services and custom options to meet your business goals (and budget).

(Q) – I have ordered before and want to renew or REORDER.

(A) –  Give us a call at (212) 221-9595 or fill out our online request form.

(Q) – I don’t see what I want – who can I speak with to discuss my needs?

(A) –  Give us a call at (212) 221-9595 or fill out our online request form and one of our representatives will be in touch.